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Are you an artist?

Are you a talented dancer, juggler, singer, musician, visual artist, photographer, artisan, comedian...in short: Are you an ARTIST? If so, Nanaimo's Francophone Association wants to know you! Send us your portfolio, demo, resumé and we will add your name to our Local Artist Data Bank. When we require artists for various events, we'll think of you first!



Manon Bédard

The musical journey of Manon Bédard is not trivial. From her cradle to today, she’s been carried by the momentum of the "Country" melodies and rhythms that stir her heart and soul. Her father left her a priceless gift that allows her to express her candor and love of life.  In turn, she generously shares with her intrigued and captivated audience her incredible ability to orchestrate both agility and speed and refined movements offering us her "yodel" as surprising as spectacular. Proud ambassador for her hometown, St-Tite, she loves the energy emanating from the audience during her shows and her participation in various festivals, theaters and television.

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Yves Lambert TrioHere’s a trio whose music grabs you, shakes you upside down and puts you back on your feet without blinking an eye! Led by charismatic singer and accordionist Yves Lambert, one of the most important players in the renaissance of traditional Québécois music, whose accordion and signature moustache were at the heart of La Bottine Souriante for over twenty years – Trio Lambert offers a fresh, personal and creatively ingenious interpretation of Quebec’s traditional songbook. Lambert, with Tommy Gauthier (fiddle, feet, bouzouki), and Olivier Rondeau (guitars), create a festive music that simply vibrates with an irresistible energy. You start feeling it in your tapping toes, and then…you’re captivated!

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Charlotte Diamond

Come join the Hug Bug Club as legendary children’s singer-songwriter and storyteller, Charlotte Diamond, takes you on a trip around the globe and into your own imagination – in French, English and Spanish, too! Best known for favourites such as Four Hugs a Day, I am a Pizza (Je suis une pizza), Octopus (Slippery Fish), La Bamba, All the Nations Like Banana and Dicky Dinosaur, Diamond’s songs are lively and very sing-along-able. They also inspire children to care for each other and celebrate our diversity with songs like Leave the World a Little Better.  This multiple-award-winning performer’s concerts are fun for kids, but parents and grandparents will be spellbound, too.

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Celtic Chaos

Celtic Chaos is a traditional band from the Qualicum Beach and Nanaimo area of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The group consists of Dave Barta on accordion and vocals, Joyce Beaton on fiddle, and le patter, John Beaton on poetry, Gordon Lafleur on Irish wooden flute and penny whistle, and Joe Spinelli on double bass. They perform songs, tunes, and poems from all over the Celtic world, including Scotland, Ireland, Quebec, Cape Breton, Sweden, and Appalachia.

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Jocelyn Pettit Jocelyn Pettit has already been recognized as a Celtic fiddle-playing phenomenon. First inspired by driving Cape Breton fiddle music, Jocelyn is blazing a new trail for traditionally inspired Canadian, Scottish, and Irish fiddle music – mixing it with funky rhythms and lots of groove! Creating original compositions and arrangements of traditional and contemporary tunes for fiddle, step dance, guitar and song, Jocelyn is making new music to move to, dance to – and music to celebrate!

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Although still young, Rebecca Bracewell has already established herself as a leader of a new generation of Canadian accordionists. Her passionate and virtuous performances, along with her personal charm, grabbed attention of some international accordion experts at 2014 Victoria International Accordion Competition, when she won first prizes in three different categories.

Rebecca's program consists of French Musette, Jazz, Classical, Tango and traditional pieces.

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Westley HardistyWesley is a fiddler, guitarist, composer, and singer whose unique blend of rock, folk, Celtic and Métis music is compelling and emotional.  His debut CD won a 2012 Aboriginal People Choice Music Award. “Wesley is combining Aboriginal, rock, country and traditional folk influences to produce music that will grab your attention... In a world where many young fiddlers seek to impress by playing as hard and fast as possible, its subtlety and maturity is refreshing. He has a lightness of touch and a delicacy to his phrasing that sets him apart... So remember the name, Wesley Hardisty – fiddler, songwriter, multi instrument, inspirational speaker, role model and recording artist. I’m sure we are going to be hearing a lot more from him in years to come – just remember you read it here first!”
- Tim Readman, Penguin Eggs magazine

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André Thériault

André Thériault is a multi-talented artist who combines writing and musical composition with comedy, along stand-up comedy. A long-time musician with a passion for singing, and a seasoned comic, André has performed in numerous shows combining guitar and spoken word in Québec, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, and now in Nanaimo. His interactive performances are genuine and cutting-edge. With energetic style, André's vocal and guitar performances break barriers and engage his audiences.

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Kikeyambay is a Victoria, British Columbia-based musical project led by Guinean percussionist and vocalist Alseny Michel Diallo. As a traditional drum and dance project, Kikeyambay honours the ancestral cultural traditions of the Malinké and Susu people of Guinea and performs in schools across British Columbia. Kikeyambay offers an upbeat blend of West African, Zimbabwean, reggae, hip hop, jazz, gospel, and soul music. Be prepared to get out on the dance floor!

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Both originally from Quebec, Gretta and Kiki met in clown school last summer in Vancouver, and since then, they are inseparable. Follow Gretta and Kiki in their new fantastic adventures! Help Gretta heal Kiki from her post YOUPPI-induced trauma keeping her held up in a fantasy world. Will we succeed in bringing her back amongst us? This musical and theatrical clown duo will put a smile on kid's faces, and on all those young at heart! Gretta and Kiki

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Frenchie The Clown has been entertaining kids of all ages for more than 20 years. He is delighted to be back at the Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Érable. Born in Montréal, where he spent his childhood, Joey Lespérance established himself in the theatre arts as a clown and balloon artist. Now he hails from Vancouver, which he adores and where he has worked as a comedian since 1988, Joey enthusiastically assumes his persona of Frenchie the Clown as he performs daring stunts.

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Magic, music, juggling, stilt-walking, unicycle-riding, balloon art, and the thrill of the unexpected – The Wizard brings a little bit of circus delight with him wherever he goes. The captivating Wiz touches the hearts of everyone he encounters. Prepare to fall under his spell as he roams around the festival this weekend, dazzling and surprising.

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Feeling nostalgic about the 1960s? Great memories of Valiquette, Pag and Offenbach? Then join Ti-Guy and Dennis for a good time. They will bring back to an era filled with wonderful memories with a performance that you will remember for a long time.

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L'école Océaneis proud to present their choir under the direction of Jacinthe Laramée. They will sing a variety of different styles chosen from French Canadian to International repertoire with a flair of their own.

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Wondering about their name? Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth and home. Vesta Entertainment the only professional community circus entertainment troupe based in Nanaimo. They bring circus, magic, dance, theatre, costumes and ambiance to the Festival with stilt-walkers, jugglers, hula hoopers and much much more.

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The dance troupe known as Les Cornouillers is based in Victoria and comprises a team whose members are passionate about Fench Canadian folk danse. In May 1976, the troupe danced its first steps at a conference of la Fédération des Franco-Colombiens. Since then more than 100 members of all ages have performed at numerous festivals, celebrations and various other events throughout the province. The current line-up performs at French schools throughout the province that are part of the School District No. 93, as well as French immersion schools, at pageants and cultural events. Come dance with them!

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This crowd-pleasing Celtic dance troupe is performing once again at the Festival! Under the direction of Carolyn Phillips-Cusson, The Glengarry Dancers, aged from 5 to infinity, and featuring master piper René Cusson and the O'Connor-O'Brien Irish Dancers, will sure to get your your heart beating and your hands clapping!  

Their uniqueness and quality as a dance troupe have had them in demand to perform with such notable international performers as The Barra MacNeils (Cape Breton), Old Blind Dogs (Scotland), The Cottars, Wendy MacIsaac and Mairi Rankin (Cape Breton), Visten (New Brunswick) and at the last Maple Sugar Festival, Acadien superstar Edith Butler (Quebec) .

The Glengarry School of Celtic Dance, associated with Celtic Performing Arts who present CeltFest Vancouver Island, offers instruction in the Celtic traditions of Highland dance, Irish dance, and Traditional Step Dancing.

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The singing group Nous Chantons ("We Sing") was formed in September 2009. Its members live in Parksville-Qualicum on Vancouver Island. The group meets weekly to sing both old and new songs. Nous Chantons's repertoire includes folk and children's songs from Quebec, France, and other parts of the world. They look forward to performing together at our Festival once again!

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Serra Stewart opened Vibrant Dance Studio (VIBE) in 2006, which has grown to a thriving dance community. The forms of dance offered at the studio are break dance, hip hop, house & grooving, popping & locking, contemporary technique, jazz technique and core training. Her enthusiasm and passion for dance is reflected in the performances offered by her many talented students. As a result, Vibrant Dance Studio has become Nanaimo's Premier Hip Hop and Break Dance School!

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From Victoria, British Columbia, Yves Aquin has participated in many festivals and cultural events across the country. Active on the cultural arts scene as an artist, troubadour, singer or master of ceremonies, Yves never misses an opportunity to celebrate.

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