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Are you an artist?

Are you a talented dancer, juggler, singer, musician, visual artist, photographer, artisan, comedian...in short: Are you an ARTIST? If so, Nanaimo's Francophone Association wants to know you! Send us your portfolio, demo, resumé and we will add your name to our Local Artist Data Bank. When we require artists for various events, we'll think of you first!


The members of Suroît hail from Îles-de-la-Madeleine (the Magdalen Islands) in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where some Acadian families settled after deportation from the Maritimes in 1755. This renowned band's Acadian roots are strong in an infectious sound that embraces influences from Cajun, Celtic, bluegrass and even rock. Celebrating 40 years on the road in 2017, whenever they perform, they invoke the warmth and energy of the suroît, the southwest wind that brings good weather!



Bringing in electronic beats, a feminist perspective, great songwriting chops and the cutting edge music of modern Montréal, popular Québécois chanteuse Mélisande re-interprets some of the oldest songs from Québec's musical history. Songs where the women of the past struggle against traditional culture, finding clever ways to assert their own identity. Hear all the key elements of traditional Québécois music and lovely melodies from old world France in a fresh sound that's hip, honest, and exciting!



TANGA is a west coast world fusion mob, mixing up Caribbean beats with East African marimba, Colombian electrocumbia and Guatemalan dancehall. 

Formed in 2007, Tanga emerged from a collective of musicians who cut their teeth playing the local salsa dance scene while embracing jazz and pop music. Inspired by the party grooves and percussion styles of latin heavies like Tito Puente, Machito and Mario Bauza, they released their first full-length album Simmer & Serve (2009). Recent performances include the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Festival du Bois and the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.


This duo's recent formation, comprising two well-known artists, beloved by both the general public and educators alike, is great news! Marie-Claude Gagnon, violinist and pianist for the the Mélodia duo, and André Varin, who has previously been a member of both the Groupe Noir et Blanc and Châkidor, present a new interactive show that's all about French Canadian folklore. Their delightful, rhythmic records echo the same electrifying energy this beloved and talented duo demonstrate in their live performances.

Jocelyne Baribeau

With the purest of vocals, Jocelyne carries us away with her sparkling ditties and tender ballads, in a subtle blend of folk and pop-country. Her onstage presence is dynamic and inspiring while remaining genuine, intimate and moving. She shares her often personal writings with honesty and maturity, inevitably followed by a knowing wink.

André Thériault

A lover of francophone song traditions, André Thériault is a lively and interactive entertainer and comedian who sings, plays guitar - and invites you to experience and enjoy the tunes of the great Québec singers, Felix Leclerc, Pierre Daigneault, Oscar Thiffault, La Bolduc and others. Come join it - hum and sing along! Éloi Amesse will join André onstage at the Festival on Friday, February 24.

Boris Sichon et Triska

Come join Boris on a musical adventure around the world! With more than 400 instruments collected on his global travels, time with Boris is a eye-popping journey of discovery. You could see Chinese gongs and buffalo drums, Indonesian mouth harps and Bulgarian bagpipes or hear sounds made with rocks or veggies!

North Shore Celtic Ensemble

The North Shore Celtic Ensemble is an organization consisting of 55+ musicians who are led by talented Artistic Directors Claude Giguère and Jay Knutson. Their performances entertain and inspire audiences wherever they go, locally and abroad. They provide young musicians the opportunity to play and to work with as many people as possible for the benefit of all, reflecting our deep commitment to improving quality of life.

Benoît Ranger Circo Circuit

After 15 years in the circus trade - three of which with Cirque du Soleil, two with the Théâtre des deux mondes and five at Radio-Canada's Variétés - Benoît Ranger, better known as the clown Ben La Barouette, thinks up a totally new circus show formula. In 1987, as this new idea gains support within the circus arts community, he sets up Les Transporteurs de Rêves / The Dream Circus, a multi-displinary Circus, Theatre. Breaking away from the old circus tradition in an amusing and peotic kind of a way, The Dream Circus offers a new generation of performances for public and family oriented shows.

Vesta Entertainment

Wondering about their name? Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth and home. Vesta Entertainment the only professional community circus entertainment troupe based in Nanaimo. They bring circus, magic, dance, theatre, costumes and ambiance to the Festival with stilt-walkers, jugglers, hula hoopers and much much more.

L'école Océane Chorus

L'école Océane is proud to present their choir under the direction of Jacinthe Laramée. They will sing a variety of different styles chosen from French Canadian to International repertoire with a flair of their own.


Rigolo Clochette

Lison Clochette is a modern day troubadour, singer-songwriter, and clown. Her mission is to recreate a circus ambience in all of her performances, while serving up a joie de vivre that invites all hearts into her celebration of song, dance, humour and laughter. Clochette has been on this joyous adventure for more than 27 years.

Magical Faces

Cathy Corbett, a talented artist from Campbell River, is both a face and body paibnter.

Ziggy Twister

Balloon sculptor.

Glitter Girlz Mobile Spa Parties

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